Railways Recruitment Board Malda-TC Solved 2008 Paper

1. Which of the following keys of personal computer is not available in the key board of traditional typewriters?(A) Tab
(B) Spacebar
(C) Enter
(D) Backspace
Ans : (C)

2. Find the root value of 36.1 / 102.4—(A) 61 / 34
(B) 19 / 31
(C) 19 / 32
(D) 19 / 33
Ans : (C)

3. The headquarters of the United Nations Union is located at—(A) Geneva
(B) New York
(C) Rome
(D) Washington
Ans : (B)

4. Who is the chairman of senior selection committee in BCCI?(A) Sunil Gavaskar
(B) Dilip Vengasarkar
(C) Kapil Dev
(D) Chetan Chauhan
Ans : (B)

5. Bismillah Khan is related to—(A) Tabla
(B) Sarod
(C) Flute
(D) Shehnai
Ans : (D)

6. Oscar prize is related to—(A) Literature
(B) Films
(C) Science
(D) Music
Ans : (B)

6. Which of the following is true in regard to Indian railway?(A) It is the cheapest means of transportation
(B) The chief source of income is transportation of goods
(C) It is the only largest employer
(D) All of the above
Ans : (D)

7. The Headquarters of North Western Railway is at—(A) Abu Road
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Ajmer
(D) Jaipur
Ans : (D)

8. Which amongst the following is the train introduced by Indian Railways bringing travel by AC class withing the reach of a common man?(A) August Kranti
(B) Jan Shatabdi
(C) Garib Rath
(D) Sampark Kranti
Ans : (C)

9. Persons with which blood group are called universal donors—(A) AB
(B) A
(C) O
(D) B
Ans : (C)

10. AIDS stands for—(A) Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome
(B) Acquired Immunity Deficient Syndrome
(C) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
(D) Acquired Infection Deficiency Syndrome
Ans : (C)

11. Which of these is not a mosquito borne disease?(A) Dengue fever
(B) Malaria
(C) Filariasis
(D) Goitre
Ans : (D)

12. The injection of anti-toxin is given to prevent—(A) Tetanus
(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Typhoid
(D) Filariasis
Ans : (A)

13. In banking ATM stands for—(A) Automated Tallying Machine
(B) Automatic Teller Machine
(C) Automated Totalling Machine
(D) Automated Transaction of Money
Ans : (B)

14. Where did the dance form “Mohini Attam” develop?(A) Manipur
(B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka
(D) Tamil Nadu
Ans : (B)

15. Mahatma Gandhi was born in—(A) Wardha
(B) Porbander
(C) Sabarmati
(D) Ahmedabad
Ans : (B)