Railways Recruitment Board Malda-TC Solved 2008 Paper

1. Which from the following rivers does not originate in Indian territory?(A) Mahanadi
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Ravi
(D) Chenab
Ans : (B)

2. Which of the following uses non-conventional Source of Energy?(A) Kerosene lamp
(B) Wax candle
(C) Solar lantern
(D) Torch
Ans : (C)

3. The dynamo is a device for converting—(A) Heat energy into electrical energy
(B) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
(C) Magnetic energy into electrical energy
(D) None of these
Ans : (B)

4. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Captain of Indian Test Cricket Team?(A) Sachin Tendulkar
(B) Rahul Dravid
(C) Anil Kumble
(D) Mahender Singh Dhoni
Ans : (C)

5. The term, L.B.W. is associated with which of the following games?(A) Cricket
(B) Hockey
(C) Football
(D) Polo
Ans : (A)

6. A person wants to contest election for the membership of Gram Panchayat, what should be his age?(A) 18 years or above
(B) 19 years or above
(C) 21 years of above
(D) Minimum 25 years
Ans : (C)

7. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?(A) President
(B) Prime Minister
(C) Parliament
(D) Chief Justice of India
Ans : (A)

8. The monetary unit of Bangladesh is—
(A) Rupee
(B) Takka
(C) Rupiah
(D) Dollar
Ans : (B)

9. The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with—(A) Earthquakes
(B) Tornadoes
(C) Cyclones
(D) Earth’s interior
Ans : (A)

10. Bandipur Sanctuary is located in the State of—(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Karnataka
(D) Madhya Pradesh
Ans : (C)

11. Which of the following group of States is the largest producer of tea?
(A) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh
(B) Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
(C) Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand
(D) West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka
Ans : (D)

12. The ancient name of the city of Patna is—(A) Pataliputra
(B) Kanauj
(C) Kausambi
(D) Kapilavastu
Ans : (A)

13. Gandhiji started Satyagraha in 1919 to protest against the—
(A) Rowlatt Act
(B) Salt Law
(C) Act of 1909
(D) Jallianwala Bagh Messacre
Ans : (A)

14. Who gave the slogan “You give me blood, I promise you freedom”?(A) Bhagat Singh
(B) Chandra Shekhar Azad
(C) Subhash Chandra Bose
(D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Ans : (D)

15. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India—(A) 1492
(B) 1498
(C) 1398
(D) 1542
Ans : (B)