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General science 

What is difference between mass of body and its weight?
- Mass is a measure of the quantity  of matter whereas weight is a force.

Why speed of sound is greater in solids than in liquids?
- Because the solids have high  elasticity.

How many images will be formed when an object is placed between two mirrors placed parellel to each other?
- Infinite

At which point of earth  weight of object will be minimum?
- At the center of earth

When an open bottle of scent is kept at one corner due to which phenomenon its fragrance is found in whole room?
- Diffusion

What happens to speed of sound with rise in temperature?
- Increases

If in a mirror image of object appears to be larger then which type of mirror is used?
- Concave mirror

Why bubble of water shines?
- Due to phenomenon of total internal reflection.

An air bubble in water acts as which lens?
- Concave lens

Why clear nights are more colder then cloudy nights?
- Due to radiation

Why sky appears to be blue?
- Because blue colour of light is of shorter wavelength so easily scattered by dust particles and water vapour.

How water in earthen pots remain cool?
- Because water keeps on passing out from pores and evaporating.

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