Latest general knowledge India, November, 2011

What is proxy voting?
- Proxy voting means casting of vote through a proxy that the voter nominates. It has been already introduced in 6 states and for the first time its about to happen in Punjab.

After how many years Abohar's clock tower known as Ghanta Ghar got its clock back?
- After 25 years ( earlier it was removed by some miscreants in 1986)

Where is North's first advanced veterinary lab opened?
- Jalandhar ( second most advanced veterinary disease diagnostic facility in country after Bhopal.)

Which country has World's largest democracy?
- India

Name the smallest neighbour of India?
- Maldives ( smallest in South Asia, its population is just 3 lakhs)

According to fortune list  who is most powerful business woman?
- ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar. ( But she does not find a place among the 10 highest paid women executives in the country.  Sun TV Network's joint MD Kavery Kalanithi is the highest earner)

Where Rahul Gandhi launched Cong's Mission-2012?
- Uttar Pradesh

What is KG5 drug?
- According to international team led by University of California KG5 drug works by making cancer cell 'commit suicide'.  It helps in stoping multiplication of tumorous cells and shut themselves down. Will be available in approximately 5 years and will be in pill form.

When is India going to test a nuclear-warhead capable ballistic missile named Agni-V that can travel more than 5000km?
- February 2012

What is Shastar Vidiya?
- Shastar Vidiya is a martial art developed by the Sikh community in the 17th century. Its founder was Baba Darbara Singh. It enables an individual without weapons to engage with armed adversaries and disarm them.
Nidar Singh Nihang  is last Sikh martial art master.
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