Current Affairs, General knowledge- June 2011

Q1. ‘Marasmus’ and ‘Kwashiorkor’ diseases are caused due to deficiency of which nutrient ?
(A) Sodium
(B) Protein
(C) Iodine
(D) Vitamin D  Answer :
Q2. Which among the following is the largest Buddhist monastery in India ?
(A) Ghum monastery (West Bengal)
(B) Rumtek monastery (Sikkim)
(C) Twang monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)
(D) Kursha monastery (Jammu & Kashmir)  Answer :
Q3. According to 2001 cencus, which state has the highest literacy rate ?
(A) Goa
(B) Mizoram
(C) Tripura
(D) Kerala  Answer :
Q4. ‘Ace’, ‘Double fault’, ‘Smash’, Second service’, and ‘Game point’ terms are related with which sport ?
(A) Tennis
(B) Squash
(C) Table Tennis
(D) Badminton  Answer :
Q5. Where is the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, the apex training institution for senior members of the civil services in India, located ?
(A) Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
(B) Mount Abu (Rajasthan)
(C) Darjeeling (West Bengal)
(D) Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)  Answer :
Q6. Which among the following grassland region is also known as the “World’s Breadbasket” ?
(A) Pampas of Argentina
(B) Prairies of North America
(C) Savannas of Africa
(D) Steppes of Russia  Answer :
Q7. Which ancient Indian sage authored the ‘Yog Darshan’ ?
(A) Jaimini
(B) Gautam
(C) Kapil Muni
(D) Patanjali  Answer :
Q8. Which Asian city was formerly known as ‘Batavia’ ?
(A) Yangon (Myanmar)
(B) Hanoi (Vietnam)
(C) Jakarta (Indonesia)
(D) Beijing (China)  Answer :
Q9. Which seventh century Indian mathematician was the first in the world to treat ‘zero’ as a number and show its mathematical operations ?
(A) Aryabhatta
(B) Medhatithi
(C) Brahmagupta
(D) Bhaskaracharya  Answer :
Q10. Which city houses the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the world’s ‘Atoms for Peace’ organisation set up in 1957 within the United Nations family ?
(A) Tokyo (Japan)
(B) Vienna (Austria)
(C) Geneva (Switzerland)
(D) New York (USA)  Answer :