Current Affairs For June 2011

Indian Current Affairs 2011
Current affairs, is the mainstay of the civil service examination, what with one portion of the exam dedicated to general studies. The current affairs of india and international current event affairs, are an important part of the general studies paper, both in the mains and the prelims. At the interview current affairs news rules and decides the rank of the candidate and even whether s/he will get through or not. In such a scenario the coverage of current affairs in india as well as current world affairs, becomes an important part of your preprations.

For the very purpose of getting you ready for the challenge that is Current Affairs In India, we are covering the 2011 current affairs including politics current affair, current affair news, science current affairs, general knowledge current affair, current government affair and international current affairs. Only studying India's current affairs or political current affairs is not sufficient as you have to cover international events and current affairs along with the Indian current affairs, as well as those in the field of science and sports.

Current Affairs For June 2011


    MPLAD Guidelines Changed; Easy to Implement
  • The Central Government, after a decade, is escalating the yearly distribution of MPLAD finances as of Rs.2 crore to Rs.5 crore for each MP. Dr. M.S.Gill, the Minister of Statistics & Programme Implementation is confident that the advantages of the plan must get to to the people at the very basic level and the plan must as well throw in towards promoting public honor and accord. So as to guarantee that the MPLAD finances can be used up sensibly, quickly, successfully and productively all through the nation, the guidelines are currently expanding their scope, being made precise and simple and effortlessly implementable. To offer MPs a more extensive range of projects that cover MPLAD finance, the silos of entitled things within the system are being distended.
  • The Government has lately permitted expenditure of MPLAD finance in supporting physically challenged people and it has received large admiration. The Government following comprehensive talk and meeting, has determined to make huge changes in the entire system of MPLAD.
  • ECI witnesses the launch of IIDEM.
  • The ECI (Election Commission of India) commenced the IIDEM (India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management) - a higher center of learning, study, guidance and addition so as to involve people in democratic practice and election organization. The primary time of this leading institute was inaugurated together at the Commission location by Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner of India in New Delhi and Mr. Ken Nyaundi, Election Commissioner from Kenya.
  • Two more Election Commissioners Shri H. S. Brahma and Shri V.S. Sampath, were in attendance too. Higher Officials of the Commission and officials from South Africa and Commonwealth Secretariat were present the gathering. The initial course of IIDEM will be starter later on in July for the Electoral Commission of Kenya. IIDEM has four sections. These four parts are: Voter Education and Civic Participation, Research, Innovation and Documentation, Training and Capacity, and International Projects and Technical Collaboration Development. The Institute will be a countrywide and global center for exchange of nice followings in organizing of election.
  • Reliance getting into the Scam Trend:
  • The investigated reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India that tacks the involvement among Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and Government agencies heading towards enormous losses to the Government exchequer is however a new instance of the influence of corporate over the UPA Government to undermine official procedures that suit them in all possible ways.
  • The body has realized that the earlier DGH (Director-General of Hydrocarbons) allowed Reliance to pump up its expansion overheads on the gas mining in the D6 block of KG basin to a massive 8.84 billion dollars from 2.47 billion dollars. This money in use by RIL influenced the proceeds of the Government. Government is supposed to act against the previous DGH with immediate effect.
  • 2G scams unfold; Dayanidhi Maran steps down
  • Dayanidhi Maran has resigened all thanks to the extensive probing by the CBI and the Government can now pat their backs. The investigation pointed to his part in compelling C Sivasankaran to sell his share in a leading Telecom company, Aircel by denying to award any fresh licenses on condition that Sivasankaran was the principal stake holder—it should have been a lot more than a twist of fate that a group firm of the new holder endowed in Maran’s brother’s enterprise hardly any months following it received licenses from Maran.
  • As Maran resigned the day following the CBI achievement, the government cannot be blamed of favoring him similar to that of the main villain, A Raja. Dayanidhi Maran’s was a varied term, the understandable low downs being the Aircel incident, in the offing with a fresh policy that permitted conceding of fresh licenses 4 years ago at prices of 10 years back (Maran was the real mastermind, Raja just built-up on what he established) and bullying the Tatas in their business in the telecom industry following a TataSky row with his brother’s Sun TV (Maran’s ministry collapsed as TDSAT thickened the plot). The merrier times counted for increasing FDI limits to 74% accordingly of which Vodafone emerged into the scene, and actually opening up the sector that involved huge distance by shelling out soaring fees.

Sports News

    Doping cases surge up; curbing measures required
  • Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports, Shri Ajay Maken has delineated a range of measures to find out into entire doping incident and curtail this pain in the neck. Shri Maken presented the particulars of the six point guidelines forwarded to the executives of SAI (Sports Ministry and Sports Authority of India) to probe into doping episode at a press conference.
  • Taking into consideration the failed dope tests of eight athletes in various sports that include HariKrishnan in long jump, Tianna Mary Thomas in 4*400 m, M/s Mandeep Kaur, SiniJose, Priyanka Panwar in 400 m, Ashwini Akkunji, Joanna Murmu, and Sonia in shot put and “the current inquiry thereof, it is heading for that the Sports Ministry and Sports Authority of India must be aware of and concentrate on the function of the workforce support infrastructure that have been provided to these athelets,” said Shri Ajay Maken. He further avowed that at the same time as each doping episode engages dishonor of the entire country, prohibition and even fear of honors and accolades being asked from the charged athletes; the task of supporting trainers, health center executives and extra requirements to be questioned, determined and rightfully inclined.
  • Rouseau: 3rd Test between India v West Indies drawn
  • 3rd test match held at the Windsor Park Stadium between India and West Indies, the former’s first tour since the World Cup triumph ended in a disappointing draw. KA Edwards and S Chanderpaul stood at the crease for 161 runs for the fourth wicket. This means that India will need to wait more to win 2 test matches in the Carribean. Chanderpaul was partnered by Kieron Edwards as the former completed his 23rd Test century in all important 37-over toil to deny India a victory.
  • Chanderpaul dealt with all the seam bowlers India had at their disposal with no difficulty, driving and extracting easy runs out of them and exhibiting rock-solid defense and rotating the strike regularly as Kerion Edwards chipped in. He stood steady at one end; he strained the Indian bowlers to shoft their attentions totally towards Kieron Edwards, who’s supported and helped Chanderpaul to get to another achievement is professional playing career.

International News

    Pravakar Sahoo – China leave India trailing
  • As compared to India, China is very antagonistic in the Bangladesh market. Except for price competition of Chinese goods, the friendly approach of Chinese sellers and executives at the customs is a reason to smile for traders in Bangladesh. When China comes into this scene Visa has never been a problem; China attracts ventures from Bangladesh to chip in showings for improved data on Chinese goods.
  • Chinese sellers are all set to spruce up well-known goods on the demand of Bangladeshi importers to provide to the price responsive local marketplace of their South Asian neighbors. Plus, Chinese industry corporations deal with transportations, trade intricacies, and over and over again take notes on grievances. In a good number of industries, China is prepared for expertise transmit, while our very own Indian industries are yet to be. The country is not only playing with their business connections, but now has only a negligible investment presence in Bangladesh.
  • Trades between India and Canada to reach $15 Billion:
  • EEPC India with a purpose to accomplish considerable increase in trade for manufacturing goods and services prepared a colloquium on being involved in business transactions with Canada. Talking on the colloquium the Joint Secretary Department of Commerce, Shri Arvind Mehta said, “Bearing in mind the fact, that China now has a widespread existence in Canada this episode could share the accomplishments on different added steps employed by the Government of India all through this year”.
  • The official further talked about the cut rate and uniqueness of the Indian producers will be of immense assistance to Canada as it is currently counting those countries that are a step ahead of NAFTA for trade development. The Consul General of India, Mrs. Preeti Saran in addition was present at the event. Even as conveying her important lecture she was buoyant that these events can direct to our targeted growth in trade involving the two nations.
  • Acting High Commissioner, Mr. Mario-Ste-Marie, and High Commission of Canada in New Delhi was as well in attendance. EEPC INDIA through the backing of Indian High Commission at the Canadian Capital and Canadian High Commission in the Indian Capital are arranging the second season of the famous show in Toronto, “India Show”. “India Show” Toronto, Canada is being prepared at most appropriate time with this year being confirmed as the “Year of India in Canada” by Dr. Manmohan Singh, respected Prime Minister of our country and Mr. Stephen Harper, his Canadian opposite number. This came in the light of Mr. Harper’s visit to India in November 2009
  • Healthy Rankings for India on Global Stage:
  • II, Confederation of Indian Industry and INSEAD examine on ranking countries on innovation, known as GII, Global Innovation Index was revealed in Geneva, Switzerland for the current year. The whole examination is a once a year attempt to evaluate dissimilar enablers for policy makers and added share holders such as trade and foundations to assess their dealings and impacts in comparison with additional countries in order that they can employ valuable measures. Formed about 4 years ago, GII examines they way nations influence their running surroundings to excite improvement outcomes. Five posts make up the innovation effort sub-index and these include foundations, research and development in the human resource department, socio-economic infrastructure, market advancements and trade advancements. The innovation production sub-index is made up of two pillars: creative outputs and scientific outputs.
  • In the overall innovation Index, the country has ranked 62 for the year 2011 when evaluated against the position in the year 2010 of 56. Switzerland has been the leader of all these countries, climbing from 3rd in the GII for the year 2010, 2nd and 3rd positions are respectively held by Sweden and Singapore. Six countries from the EU make up the Top 10 list and it also takes in Hong Kong, the United States of America as well as Canada which are 4th, 7th and 8th. The only emerging economy that reached the Top 30 ranks in GII was China at 29.
  • Dr. Naushad Forbes, Chair of the CII Innovation Council 2011-12 and Director of Forbes Marshall, said “At present there is some buzz about innovation in the entire world in all types beginning from commerce to government to civilization. Following the current economic decelerate the spotlight has swung evidently towards the budding regions not just with respect to a thriving possible market but also an attractive place for economical innovations.
  • Analyzing this swing is vital to identify in what we are moving forward, GII is an initial spot to do that and undeniably on the correct path Roland Berger Professor of Business and Technology at INSEAD, Soumitra Dutta, and editor of the examination believes that innovation is dangerous to motivating development in both developed and budding economies, particularly for the period of a time when the worldwide economy is current recovering from past plummets. Except for CII, the year 2011 the added three knowledge allies in Global Innovation Index are the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Booze & Company and Alcatel-Lucent