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*Olympic flame first started
*Common weaith games started-1930 Kenada(Hamilton)
*ASIA Games first started

Mercury & Venus-No moons
Mars-2 moons
Jupitr-63 moons
Saturn-62 mns
Uranus-27 moons
Neptune-13 moons

Which is d only snake that builts the nest?
A)King Cobra
C)Coral Snake
D)Golden Tree Snake

'Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute' Is In Pilani, Rajasthan
*Study About Frogs-Batracology

The medical term used for sleeplessness is :-
a. Somnambulism
b. Insomnia
c. Hallucination
d. Nyctinuria
Ans- b

-Which of these is the world's Largest library ?
>Library of Congress USA.
-Who started "Khalsa Panth" ?
>Guru Govind Singh.

Elizabeth-I was contemporary of which Mughal ruler?

Q:Income tax ko sabse pahle kisne aur kab shuru kiya?
A:Briten ke pradhan mantari viliam pit,1799 me

RBI Nationalised:
01,JAN 1949
IDBI Estd:
National Stock Exchange:
APR 1996
FERA Implimentation:

Nasik-Grape City
*Longest ruled Central Minister
-Babu Jag Jeevan Ram(28yrs)
*Longest ruled Chief Minister
-Jyoti Basu(23yrs-W.Bengal)

Top 10Largest Cities in India:
1 Mumbai
2 Kolkata
3 Delhi
4 Chennai
5 Bangalore
6 Hyderabad
7 Ahmadabad
8 Pune
9 Surat
10 Kanpur

QAmong the following cities, which one is the nearest to the
Tropic of Cancer?

WTO basically promotes
a. Global peace
b. Financial support
c. Unilateral trade
d. Multilateral trade
Ans- D

Q:Balvant rai mehta who was poineer of concept of Panchayati Raj,was a freedom fighter & chief minister of?

>>Q.=Kya Apko Pata Hai Humare Des Ke Do Neta Ka Janm Aek Hi Din Me Huva Tha?
Ans.=Indira Gandhi aur Pandit Vijya Lakshmi Ka<<

Q:Name d short film about child poverty in India which won d 'Golden Lamp Tree' award at the 42nd International Film festival?
Another Planet

Which one of d following is thetallest bird
a) Peacock
b) Penguin
c) Ostrich
d) Emu
Ans- D

1st country to legalise medically assisted suicide is
a. Switzerland.
b. UK.
c. USA.
d. Netherlands
Ans- d

Total awarded-41
Award suspended
13JULY1977-26 JAN

Study of newly born up to the age of 3 months is called
a) Chorology
b) Conchology
c) Nematology
d) Neonatology
Ans- d

Q:Which country is inside the European Union but outside the Eurozone?
*Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2011:
ILA BHATT (Social Activis

Que. Apart from Karnataka, which state has reported production of Gold in India?

Mother Teresa:
*Born in 1910 (South Yugoslavia)
*1st Visit to India-1929
*Start Missionries in Culcutta-1950
*Got Nobl Prize-1979

Left-hande d people are better at sports that require good spatial judgment and fast reaction as compared to right-hand ed people.

>Longest served central minister-Babu Jagjeevan
Ram(28 yrs)
>Longest served chief minister-Jyoti Basu (23 yrs,

The energy stored in a watch spring is
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) heat energy
d) chemical energy
Ans- B

*safety match was invented by-Landstrom.
*Military Tank was inventd by-Swinton.
*selenology is d study f-Moon

Que-What is the motto of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) ?
Ans-Ekta Aur Anushasan
Que-Which planet is nearest to Sun ?

=Which state became the only state in India to implement public service guarantee act? :Rajastan =largest palm oil consumer& importer:IND

*City f joy:culcutta
*Queen f Adriak&city f water:venice
*Gardn f Englnd:kent
*Manchestr f East:Osaka

Do you know?
Who was the first recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke
Ans: Devika Rani.
The first Talkie Film in India was Alam Ara.

Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission ?
-Prime Minister
*Which canal connects Mediterranean Sea with Red
Sea ?
-Suez Canal

*Which River is known as 'Vridha Ganga'
*Pathala Ganga=Krishna
*Thelugu Ganga=Krishna
*Dekshina Ganga=Kaveri
*Kerala Ganga=Pam

Mother Teresa:
*Born in 1910 (South Yugoslavia)
*1st Visit to India-1929
*Start Missionries in Culcutta-1950
*Got Nobl Prize-1979
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