General Knowledge 2014 | GK questions 2014

We keep getting requests at for a compendium on general knowledge and current affairs that will help people preparing for various entrance exams. To fulfill this requirement we have revamped our GK Newsletter section. Every week and at the end of every month in 2013, we will be posting updates under an article titled  -'General Knowledge & Current Affairs Yearly Update - 2013 . What you may expect to find here is:

(1) News from an entire week at a glance uploaded every Wednesday
(2) News pieces consolidated into a single pdf at the end of every month
(3) The updates will have news divided into 'Starred Articles', categories and sub categories such as Sports >Tennis, Economy >Market, Science and Technology >Innovation 

This section will let you keep abreast of all the important news and latest happenings around the world without looking at different sources across the internet since our experts have gone through and done the compilation for you.  

How to find the GK updates on our website:

(1) Go to Free resources>GK and Current Affairs>GK Newsletter>General Knowledge& Current Affairs Yearly Update - 2013 
(2) You will find the updates in a pdf format titled  - Weekly Dose of GKCA (with the dates for a given week)
(3) At the end of the month all of the weekly updates are consolidated into a single pdf titled - Monthly Dose of GKCA (with the dates for a given month)