Pragathi Gramin Bank Officer Junior Management exam solved paper/ Answer key, Bank Solved paper / Model paper, Pragathi Gramin Bank Officer, Gramin Bank solved paepr 2012

1. Markup pricing is an example of ?   
    (A) Cost based Approach
    (B) Buyer Based Approach
    (C) Competition Based Approach
    (D) All of the Above
    (E) None of these
2. Technical complexity, Relatively fewer buyers and Involvement of cross functional teams in both buyer and supplier firms is a characteristic of which of the following Markets?   
    (A) B2B Market (Business to Business)
    (B) B2C Market (Business to Consumer)
    (C) Both of them
    (D)  All of the Above
    (E) None of these
3. Customization means?         
     (A) Designing products to suit company
    (B) Designing products to suit individual customers
    (C) Designing strategies to suit both company and customers
    (D) All the above
    (E)None of these
4. is offered by the seller to intermediary who performs functionslike selling, storing and            record  keeping    
    (A) Quantity 
    (B) Trade
    (C) Cash 
    (D) Seasonal
    (E) None of these
5. Price strategies become more mixed during the _________ stage of the product life cycle.        
    (A) Growth  
    (B) Maturity
    (C) Decline 
     (D) Introduction
    (E) None of these
6. Among which of the following is related to Bank Risks?   
    (A) Deposits   
    (B) Bank Funds
    (C) NPA Non performing Assets
    (D) All of the Above
    (E) None of these
7. A salesman must be honest towards:    
    (A) Product    (B) Consumer only
    (C) Employer only    (D) Sales Promotion
    (E) Selling Area
8. Indirect Marketing means        
     (A) Marketing by non-sales persons
     (B) Market Survey
     (C) Market Research
     (D) Advertisements
    (E) None of these
9.  In the process of buying routinely purchased itmes, buyers are sometimes also the        
    (A) Deciders    (B) Gatekeepers
    (C) Users    (D) Influencers
    (E) Informers
10.Sarika has left her parents home and move into a new flat. She is spending considerable time and effort    comparing the ranges of furniture in different retail stores. Which type of decision making process is the using?   
    (A) Selective   
    (B) Intensive
    (C) Extensive  
     (D) Shopping
    (E) Routine
11.Which among the following is an example of Competition based pricing ?       
    (A) Firms Bidding for a particular project
    (B) 9 % mark up on cost ex factory
    (C) Higher price of a highly popular brand of shoe
    (D) All of the Above
    (E) None of these
12.Decrease in distribution cost directly effects the __   
    (A) Price of Product    (B) Quality of product
    (C) Quantity of Product    (D) All of above
    (E) None of these
13. Routinisation of Decision by the channels of distribution helps in which of the following ?       
    (A) Delivery of Goods    (B) Cost reduction
    (C) Pricing Decision    (D) Cost increase
    (E) Marketing
14.Which of the following helps best the better allocation of a firm's finite resources?       
    (A) Marketing Information System
    (B) Market segmentation
    (C) Marketing research
    (D)Marketing Mix
    (E)Promotion Mix
15.Marketing efforts are specifically aimed at    
    (A) Distributing “Something of Value” to buyers and sellers
    (B) Facilitating satisfying exchange
    (C) Developing new products for target markets
    (D) Understanding buyer’s behavior to meet buyer needs
    (E) Distributing products at the right price to store
16.Direct Marketing means        
     (A) Face-to-face marketing
     (B) Melas
     (C) Seminars
     (D) Indoor marketing
     (E) None of these
17.Which among the following promotion technique is an example of "Pull" in digital marketing?       
    (A) E-mail   
    (B) SMS
    (C) RSS
    (D) Textual marketing on a blog, website or search engine
    (E) All of these
18."Relationship" in marketing means    
     (A) Relation between salesperson
     (B) Relation between buyer and seller
     (C) Relation between company and consumer
     (D) All of these
     (E) None of these
19.Capri is a brand of cigarette that is low tar and slim in design to appeal to women. In this instance, women comprise    
    (A) Marketing Mix    (B) Target Market
    (C) Target audience    (D) Marketing strategy
    (E) Marketing opportunity
20.The need or want for a particular product becomes a demand, when __________?       
    (A) The product / service is available
    (B) It is backed by buying power
    (C) When a product represents that particular need
    (D) All of the Above
    (E) None of these


  1. A        2. A    3. B    4. B    5. A    6. C        7. D    8. D    9. A    10. C    11. A    12. A        13. B    14. B    15. B    16. A    17. D    18. C        19. B    20. B Pragathi Gramin Bank Officer Junior Management exam solved paper/ Answer key, Bank Solved paper / Model paper, Pragathi Gramin Bank Officer
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