AP VRO VRA Exam Preparation – VRO VRA Sample Papers

AP VRO VRA Exam Preparation – VRO VRA Sample Papers . AP will be conducted on 19th February, 2012 and the exam paper will consist of Arithmetic skills, logical reasoning, non verbal reasoning, current affairs etc for which 80 marks are allotted. Arithmetic skills
Arithmetic skills section for VRO VRA exam 2012 is for 20 marks. Total topics in this section are only 12. Basic formulae have to be studied and shortcut methods have to be practiced. For the preparation of arithmetic skills, candidates have to read the arithmetic syllabus of 6th, 7th and 8th classes. Arithmetic book published by R S Agrawal in Telugu medium will be useful for this preparation. The topics in the syllabus of VRO VRA exam 2012 should be practiced with examples. Ten days time is sufficient for the preparation of arithmetic skills.
Logical Reasoning preparation
There will be ten questions in logical reasoning in VRO VRA exam 2012. The topics in the syllabus are not very complex. The basics of the topics should be understood. Model question papers of bank exams will be useful for the preparation of this. R S Agrawal reasoning book is also useful. Only the topics mentioned in the syllabus should be studied.
Two to three questions can be expected from non-verbal reasoning. More time need not be spend for the preparation of these questions. Practicing well will help to get full marks in non-verbal reasoning.
Current Affairs preparation
Eight to ten questions can be expected from current affairs section in VRO VRA exam 2012. Important events in 2011, regional, national and internationally important events should be studied. Economical poverty, inflation, social education, health are the topics mentioned in current affairs syllabus. Information about Irrigation facilities, important projects in AP, fuel resources latest development in IT etc is to be collected and studied.
The syllabus for history, geography, politics, economics, physics, chemistry and biology is more and questions expected are only one or two from each subject. Therefore school text books till tenth class should be sufficient for the preparation.
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